Step 1: Open the Package

2. Lay the Decal face down and allow it to relax for and hour minimum.

3. Review any attached or included information.

Step 2:

1. Pick a spot for your WallStar.

2. Take a moment to view and measure the area. (It's a good idea to hold up the decal to the spot and make sure it is centered and level).

3. The WallStars Decal adheres best to clean, smooth, indoor surfaces.

Step 3:

1. Clean the surface. Clean is good. Use a warm damp cloth to wipe down the desiginated area.

2. Allow it to dry completely.

3. Do not use soaps or cleaning agents, They cause the decal to not adhere properly.

Step 4:

Find some good help for larger decals. Flying solo on smaller decals is ok.

Step 5:

1. With your good help you found lay the decal face down on a flat surface.

2. Start at the top of your WallStar Decal and SLOWLY peel the backing.

**DO NOT! DO NOT allow the decal to touch itself. (I repeat DO NOT! You willl be cursing. BE PATIENT and go slow) It will pay off in the end.**

3. Place one corner of the decal down and gently smooth the rest of the top into place using minimal pressure.

4. If it doesnt look or feel right, gently peel the decal off the wall and repostition it. ( Take your time it will look great.)

5. Larger decals come with a plastic squeegee to help remove the air bubbles/ wrinkles.

6. Start to squeegee gently from the middle out to the edges. (Old t-shirts, soft cloths, towels, etc . work great also)

Smooth Walls

* Painted High Gloss or Egg Shell



* Painted or Powder coated


* Sanded and painted only

Textured Surfaces

*Knockdown and Orange Peel textures are recommended.

Inside, Tempurature controlled Environments

Freshly painted

* Painted less than 30 days.

* Matte or Flat Paint

Heavy Textured

Brick / Cinder Block

Porous Textured wood or Paneling

Outside non-tempure controlled Environment

Our WallStars Peel and Stick decals work best on the following:

* Painted drywall (allow 30 days after painting)

* Glass

* Metal

* Sanded wood without Lacquer

* Non-Textured or Non-Porus Wall